Denver Video Production

Little Raven Pictures is a small, locally operated and owned company that takes care of all aspects of video production for local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Tell Your Story More Effectively with Video

For the last few years, videos have been the most powerful driver for engaging people and telling your unique story. It’s shocking just how many websites don’t have even a single video on their pages. We specialize in creative corporate video content that helps engage audiences and tells your unique story.

Video Production


Dedicated to taking a collaborative approach to producing creative corporate videos, our video production services begin production schedule in order to confirm an on time final delivery. Our creatively driven, strategic production team will work with you from initial brainstorming story ideas to the final cut.

Video Shoot


Our Director of Photography, Todd Skougor is skilled at bringing subjects to life. With over 24 years of experience and a high level of technical expertise, Todd adds energy and compelling pacing to every corporate video production. Our shoot management services include set design, audio engineering, lighting, camera direction, and coordination.

Video Editing Denver


Editing takes the plan from the field and shapes it into a creative story. Little Raven Pictures has over 24 years of experience cutting powerful visuals into impactful stories for your audience. Anybody can string together visuals, but the energy and movement in a Little Raven’s corporate video production brings your video to life.

If you rely only on static images and texts to help your website stand out among the millions of other sites out there, then you are in trouble. Video marketing is an increasingly important way to engage customers. At Little Raven Pictures, we will create unique videos that both entertain and engage with your viewers.

Everyone on our production team has years of experience producing, directing and shooting all types of video content. You can always expect perfectly framed and lit shots with the crisp sound that effectively communicate your message.

To ensure the best possible product, we partner with other talented editors, graphic artists, and production people to ensure that your creative corporate video is creative and engaging.

If you are looking for the best production & video marketing company for your next video marketing project, contact Little Raven Pictures today.