Denver Video Production

Little Raven Pictures is a locally owned and operated company that manages all aspects of video production for small businesses

Tell Your Story More Effectively with Video

Little Raven Pictures is a video production company in Denver whose sole purpose is to make you look your best. For the last few years, videos have been the most powerful driver for engaging people and telling your unique story. It’s shocking just how many websites don’t have even a single video on their pages.

Video Production


Video Production Services begins with a production schedule in order to confirm an on time final delivery. The creative portion of the project is a collaborative experience including exchanging ideas, coming up with different approaches, and utilizing interview questions to help hone the message. A script will then be written and a shot list created for the shoot. Locations and casting will also be done at this time. We work extremely well coaching new talent, We can also call a professional cast if needed.

Video Shoot


With over 24 years of Director of Photography skills Todd Skougor brings subjects to life. With a high level of technical expertise and the artistic eye to bring out the best in every subject matter, his variety of sequencing is compelling adding pacing and energy to every piece. Shoot management includes: set design, lighting, audio engineering, camera direction and coordination. The Producer will work with the talent. Each line or interview question will be asked multiple times ensuring best takes are captured.

Video Editing Denver


Editing takes the plan from the field and shapes it into a creative story. We shoot in two ways, by script and by interview. If the video is scripted it will be closely followed in the edit. If it was based on interviews the story will be transcribed and woven together by a Producer into a story then passed to the Editor. Little Raven has over 24 years of experience cutting powerful visuals into impactful stories for your audience. Anybody can string together visuals, but the energy and movement in a Little Raven video brings your video to life.

If you count yourself among the thousands of companies and businesses that rely purely on text and static images to stand out from millions upon millions of other sites, then you’re in trouble. Luckily, you found the one place that won’t just help you with your lack of videos, but will also ensure that the final cut is going to compel viewers to find out more.

We plan to accomplish this by focusing on the two main aspects of video – technology and presentation. Our team uses only high quality and top of the line equipment in all of our productions. This ensures that you always look your best and have quality video content for years to come.

In addition, every member of our production team has decades of experience producing, directing, and shooting videos of every spot and stripe. You can always expect perfectly framed shots with dynamic lighting, and crisp sound that effectively communicates exactly what you want to say in the most engaging and professional way possible.

We also know where we should partner with other creatives to make an even better product. We have many connections to talented graphic artists, editors and the best production people for when your needs require.

When you’re looking for a Denver video production company, look no further than Little Raven Pictures to get the best possible cut.