Denver Video Services

Complete Video Production for Local Business

Complete Professional Video Services

Little Raven Pictures offers three main video services for our clients in Denver, and these are production, shooting, editing. Our team has 60 years of combined experience, and our purpose now is to direct all of our knowledge and expertise towards creating the best possible video for you.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are more impactful than print campaigns according to many studies. Video’s second punch is that it is much better at retention of  the message than written text. This means internal and external communications would be more effictive in video format. Externally, corporate video is a virtual handshake that brings you face to face with your customer. Internally, corporate messaging would be a monthly video blog, video reports from key departments, training videos, monthly meetings, new product releases and marketing and sales reports. These are all great reasons to create internal video content.

Web Video

Bad video is easy, cheap and it’s everywhere. So why should you invest in quality video instead of mobile phone footage from amateurs? For several reasons. First, you want to see and hear the subject. There is no alternative. You also want the lighting to be enhanced. Seeing you in flattering and controlled lighting is key to delivering your message effectively. Finally, because you’re not a professional actor you know it’s hard to be on camera and you want to be in the hands of professionals who will coach you all the way.

Video Marketing

Video marketing with Little Raven includes many different products. We can help you create social media content for crowdsourced funding like a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign. We can also assist you in documenting an event for live webcasting, or record it for editing later, still capturing the moment forever. We can also help you create a monthly video blog. All of these video products can be shared online and help you gather data for better lead generation and to generate buzz.

Video Production

Every project begins with one of our producers working hand in hand with you on the script, providing a shot list proposal, and helping coach you to deliver the script to the camera. We’ll make you feel as comfortable and confident in front of the camera as possible. You’ll look like the expert you really are, and be the person your audience is looking for.

Video Editing

The Little Raven Pictures team brings more than two decades of experience to the editing room, and can cut any video, regardless of the complexity of the story or the variety of shots. Enjoy smooth sequences from one scene to another with a variety of shots spread throughout to produce a dynamic and engaging video. This is in addition to the music that we add to help you set the right pace, tone, and mood to deliver your message more clearly and effectively.


No one comes close to Little Raven Pictures when it comes to getting the perfect shot. Every scene is shot several times to ensure that the best possible takes are edited into your video. All of the production elements, such as sequencing, composition, lighting and continuity are done as creatively as possible for an excellent final cut you can be proud of.