African Gate – Selasee and the Fa Fa Family

Born and raised in Ghana West Africa, Selasee’s pursuit of music miraculously led him to Boulder,CO. His sound is a unique blend of Reggae, West African Highlife and American Pop music. Bright with color, he threads together English and West African lyrics for a captivating sound that will get you moving. This original song takes us on a tour of all the gates that divide people throughout the world. These barriers lead to divisions in families, in nations and in hearts. Its a strong reminder to not allow our barriers to be impenetrable.

Little Raven Pictures met Selasee after an incredible set at the Oriental Theater. Blown away by his talent we stayed in touch. When his new album was dropping he asked for some help with a video to take with him on a promotional trip to Africa. Timing seemed perfect as we had just gotten a new camera and wanted a project to break it in on. Additional camera Jeff Zimmerman.

  • Editing
  • Production
  • Shooting